Learning to dance with Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. Our fusion of a wide range of different dance styles is easy to learn, sociable and fun, and can be danced to any music with a regular beat. Ceroc DJ's play music ranging from 70's classics through to your current chart favourites. A Ceroc evening provides a fantastic platform for learning a wide range of dance skills and choreographic techniques, builing confidence with creativity and expression, and is a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit.

So why is Ceroc so great?
Our syllabus, devised by our very own Dance Education Specialist, will help you develop a range of different skills, applicable to all partner and solo dance styles, reflecting the requirements detailed in the Dance National Curriculum.
- We are affiliated members of the IDJTA (International Dancesport Judges and Trainers Association) who oversee the quality of our syllabus and manage the high standard of our teacher training, so you are guaranteed the best dance education available.
- Every night there are always complete beginners so you'll never be alone, and every class is suited to a range of different experience levels.
- It's social and easy to pick up, so the learning is FUN!
- There is no need to bring a partner, so you get to meet, interact and choreograph with everyone else in the room.
- Our syllabus is designed so that missing a week will not set you back, so those with busy lifestyles or external commitments can still learn.

Ceroc has developed over time with the changing demands of the National Dance Curriculum. Our syllabus has been devised by a Dance Education Specialist, built to develop a wide range of techniques and practises for anybody who is studying Dance GCSE or A-Level, or those who wish to pursue a career in the field of dance. Ceroc has developed its own unique and versitile style; the skills you acquire are transferable to other partner dance styles (Jive, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Tango, Ballroom, Latin), solo dance styles (Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Street) and National Curriculum specifications (all Contemporary disciplines, Choreography, Expression and Dance Appreciation).

Today there are 150 Ceroc venues across the UK, and classes in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and throughout Europe with 50,000 people regularly dancing in the UK. If there's not a Ceroc night near you, perhaps you might want to think about starting one click here

What are you waiting for? Get out there and try it!!!

Ceroc is all Heart!
You may be studying dance at school, college or university or starting your journey as a dance professional, well not only is learning dance with Ceroc great fun, but it also has you stay fit, which is essential for anyone studying and learning to dance.

The British Heart Foundation agrees that a dance like Ceroc is a great way to stay in shape and can also help your heart. The aerobic effects of Ceroc are great for overall fitness whilst the gentle impact of the turns and steps can actually help to protect against bone diseases, such as osteoporosis. Dancing energetically can also help to make you FEEL great too. Both exercise and music are mood enhancers, stress relievers and help promote a healthy and vibrant mind.

The educational benefits you will experience are too many to mention!
- SKILLS: refined motor skills, improved co-ordination, balance, posture, rhythm and spatial awareness.
- FITNESS: increased aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, mobility, stamina and muscle memory.
- PROBLEM SOLVING: make physical corrections and improvements through a series of hands-on adjustments, verbal/visual cues and guided self-appraisal.
- CREATIVITY: artistic expression, sequence choreography and improvisation, dynamic variation and musical interpretation, appreciation and appraisal.
- TEAM/PARTNER WORK: non-verbal communication, call and response, safety and sensitivity, contact work, social development.
All that contained in a varied and differentiated syllabus suitable for all educational, behavioural and physical needs.

What more could you ask for? Ceroc is definitely the best way to learn how to dance!

What is Ceroc?
Ceroc is a fusion of dance styles, fun and easy to learn. It is the original, largest and fastest growing partner dance in the UK.

Do I need to book in advance?
No. There is not a set course that you need to enrol on. Every week there will always be a number of people there for the first time and therefore we always run a complete beginner's class. You can just turn up to whatever venue you like, as and when you like, and pick up from where you left off!

Can I use Ceroc to help my GCSE, A-Level, BTEC, Degree level or PGCE level Dance?
Yes. You can use the physical movement in any practical modules. Choreographic modules will benefit directly from enhanced understanding in move choreography, contact work, spatial awareness and creative expression. Knowledge of interpretation of meaning and kinaesiology can be featured in any theoretical papers and dance appreciation modules. Any performance module you undertake will benefit from acquired and developed skills in physical technique, improved fitness and artistic expression. We always recommend speaking with your tutor to explore how your implementation of Ceroc within your practical or theory modules can be most relevent and beneficial.

Do I need to bring a partner?
No. There is no need to take a partner with you because Ceroc's teaching method means that everyone will be moved around to change partners during the classes, therefore it does not make any difference whether you come on your own or with friends, You get to meet, dance, interact and learn with everyone else in the room at least once.

What should I wear?
You do not need any particular clothing to attend a Ceroc evening. Anything goes, casual wear or smart dress, as long as you feel comfortable. It is really up to you!! As for shoes, wear something that will allow you to move freely on the dance floor - we recommend leather soled shoes. Ceroc is active, so you will get warm, therefore we also recommend wearing layers!

How much does it cost?
Ceroc is a Franchise Organisation and therefore prices will vary depending on the Franchise. However, you should expect to pay between £6 to £10 for the whole evening. Please contact the venue you are planning to attend directly, to confirm prices and any other details.

Do I need to become a member?
Yes. Everyone needs to be a Ceroc member. You'll pay between £1 to £3 to join (depending on the Franchise) but remember this is only a one-off payment for a lifetime membership valid for all our franchises.

What to expect of a Ceroc Night
With the exception of Party Nights, all Ceroc classes follow exactly the same format:

Beginners Class
The night starts with a Beginners Class lasting 45 minutes. You will learn 3 simple moves that will start to develop your core skills and basic techniques.
At the end of the class the DJ plays two or three records and you can practice and dance the moves you have just learnt with the people that you have met in the class.

Intermediate Class
The Beginners Class is followed by the more challenging Intermediate class. In this 30 minute session you will learn 3 or 4 harder moves, each of which complimenting a different dance genre and all designed to develop a specific dance technique.
We normally recommend that it takes about 6 beginners classes to master the basic moves, acquire key skills and feel comfortable to join in at Intermediate level.

Beginners Refresher Class
Whilst the Intermediate class takes place, Beginners have the opportunity to get together in a group session led by a Taxi Dancer. This smaller class includes a review of the moves you have learnt earlier in the night, the opportunity to repeat the material to build confidence and muscle memory, and provides a forum for discussion and interaction to ask questions, solve problems and perfect the various techniques explored throughout the evening.

After the Intermediate class you night takes off when the Ceroc DJ takes control for the 'Freestyle Session'.
This is a 1 1/2 - 2 hour period of pure uninterrupted Ceroc music creating a party atmosphere for you to practise and rehearse your new movement repertoire. Grab a refreshment, and enjoy dancing the moves with as many people as you can. Freestyle is improvised, so it gives you the opportunity to be creative and dance with different partners in the room. Dancing during the 'Freestlye' really gives you chance to improve your Ceroc style and soak up the fun atmosphere... it's addictive education!

All Ceroc Teachers have undergone intensive training with our Dance education Specialist and are qualified as members of the Ceroc Teahers Association.
Their qualifications ensure that we give you the best possible expertise with key components exracted from the Dance National Curriculum. Teachers are keen for you to enjoy the night and improve each week, so why not grab one for a dance after the class and they will ofer you some feedback to help you develop.

Taxi Dancers
In addition to the teachers, we have 'Taxi Dancers' who are on hand to help you go through the moves and provide useful hints so that you will soon be dancing with confidence. They are a volunteer team of friendly experienced dancers who are specifically there to dance with beginners. Taxi Dancers are not teachers, but will interact with all of the beginners in the room, offer new ideas to help you with your learning, and refer any questions or technical enquiries to the teacher. They are easy to spot as they wear distinctive t-shirts. They are great help during your first few weeks of attanding Ceroc, and they are on duty all evening, so make sure you hail one!

Door Staff
The door staff and venue manager are on hand to run the night. They oversee admissions and new members. Please ask your door staff for information or leaflets about workshops and freestyles in your area.

Ceroc DJ
Ceroc DJ's host the freestyle section of the evening. Variety is their forte, giving you the opporunity to dance to a diverse catalogue of old classics, new releases, contemporary challenges and a wide range of genres. They select great songs that you'll love and that will optimise your dance experience.

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Ceroc membership form
In consideration of your being granted Ceroc membership and being issued with a membership card in respect thereof by Ceroc Enterprises Ltd ("Company") or by any Franchisee acting for the purposes hereof, as agent for the Company, you hereby agree:

1. Company shall be entitled at any time to refuse you admission at any premises at which Ceroc dance classes or a Ceroc function ( "Ceroc Event", " Ceroc Night") of any nature is being held ("Ceroc Venue").

2. Without prejudice to your statutory rights in respect of death or personal injury occasioned by an act of negligence by any officer or employee of the Company in the course of its business, neither Company nor its directors accept responsibility for loss of any nature suffered by you at a Ceroc venue.

3. You acknowledge the sole and exclusive rights of Company in the name and marks 'Ceroc' and in the Ceroc logo and agree not to utilise in the course of trade howsoever the name Ceroc or Ceroc logo on any occasion whatsoever.

4. You acknowledge and agree that Company is possessed of detailed technical and confidential information concerning the dance (and the steps, technique, style, and method of teaching used or employed at Ceroc events on Ceroc nights or otherwise thereof) and that the instruction and information given in Ceroc dance classes includes such information and that you will not at any time hereafter disclose any said information to any third party for commercial purpose or useage or otherwise use commercially use commercially the said instruction and information.

5. Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 4 above and for the purposes of furtherance of the said agreement as to confidentiality you agree that (notwithstanding that you use a different title) you shall not during membership or for a period of 24 months from cessation howsoever of membership in the United Kingdom teach, publish or broadcast for commercial gain or otherwise the method of the dance described by us as Ceroc to any third party.

6. You agree that you shall not approach Ceroc members with a view to encouraging or procuring them to attend any dance function and alternatively dance class of whatsoever nature being held by you or your principal for which an admission fee (howsoever described) is payable.

7. If any part of this agreement or the application thereof to any person shall for any reason be adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid such judgement shall not affect the remainder of this agreement which shall continue in full force and effect.

8. The dancing, learning or practice of aerial moves is strictly forbidden at any Ceroc venue, save for the Ceroc Champs. Please note that this extends to any part of a Ceroc venue including corridors, the car park or private rooms. This rule applies irrespective of who you are dancing with and this includes a regular dance partner. If you are unsure about this rule, please speak with a Ceroc instructor at your local venue, but no exemptions will be granted.

Become Part of The Ceroc Teacher's Association
Are you looking for a new challenge? If you want to be a part of the most exciting dance craze in the country look no further, becoming a Ceroc Teacher can give you this and so much more.

Teaching Ceroc is not all work, work work... far from it. In fact it is fantastic fun! You get to attend a challenging course which covers all facets of dance education, dance technique and dance teaching. The course is devised and delivered by our own qualified Dance Education Specialist with a BA Hons in Dance studies and a PGCE in Secondary Dance Education. The course content is perfect for any Dance or Physical Education teacher who wishes to enhance their basic teaching qualification, develop their teaching resource and create innovative and exciting schemes of work within their school.

Your own class
As a Ceroc teacher, you are responsible for creating a fun and sociable night out where the class will be racing to come back for more! You will have the opportunity to host your own weekly night where you teach a Beginners and Intermediate class and then enjoy freestyling with members of your class for the rest of the evening.

To achieve a successful night you will need to:
- Teach classes ensuring that the moves are taught accurately and are appropriate to the level you are teaching.
- Help to build the confidence of your class and respond to their educational needs.
- Establish a rapport with your class. People will come back if they have an affinity with you.
- Dance with the class, particularly beginners, from the end of the class to the end of the evening, making corrections, setting targets and building confidence.
- Be on hand throughout the evening to give advice and top tips for improving their dancing.

What we can offer you
We provide a comprehensive and intensive series of training courses, which are renowned for producing Ceroc Teachers of the highest calibre.

A valuable three way support system:
1. Your Dance Education Specialist who can answer technical questions, offer advice on the Curriculum or schemes of work, help solve issues with your team and provide information on differentiation for Special Educational Needs.
2. The Ceroc Teacher's Association (CTA) now has over 200 members who provide a support network for each other across the country.
3. Your Franchise Team: Franchise owner, DJ, door staff and Taxi Dancers all contribute to a successful evening.

As a part of the Ceroc Teacher's Association, you will be required to attend an Annual CPD Update, where you have the opportunity to learn new moves, teaching techniques and skills. Ceroc, like the dance curriculum, is dynamic, and therefore we always ensure we are offering a relevant and current dance education to our members.

Although the emphasis is placed on teaching at the Ceroc night, there is also the opportunity to teach Cerocshops or Private Bookings.

Cerocshops are four-hour intensive workshop where up to ten couples learn 12 moves in a relaxed environment at either Beginners or Intermediate level.

Private Bookings are generally large functions such as weddings, parties, corporate events where the teacher is required to teach a class as an ice-breaker or to get the party going.

Ceroc Teacher Training Courses
The Ceroc Teacher Training Courses have been developed over the last 30 years and are recognised for delivering training of the highest quality and standard. Our qualified teacher trainers are highly experienced in nurturing and developing the skills of the trainee so that by the end of the course, they are equipped to confidently take to the stage with the knowledge and teaching techniques required to be a Ceroc Teacher.

Applicants are required to pass an audition before progressing onto the Ceroc Teacher Training Courses, which comprise of Beginner, Intermediate and CPD level. Training courses are interspersed at regular intervals and training is usually completed within six months. Each course is supported by comprehensive reading material and DVD resources which trainees will be expected to learn in preparation for their course.

All courses take place in a central London dance studio.

Who becomes a Ceroc Teacher?
Anyone can apply to become a Ceroc Teacher but to be accepted onto the Ceroc Teacher Training Courses you need to be:

Technically accomplished
Well presented

Previous Ceroc experience is not essential although a background in fitness, movement and/or dance is essential.

Then pick up the phone and call us now 020 8969 4401 +0. You never know, one call could give you a new lease of life.

Now that you are well and truly addicted to Ceroc perhaps you want to take it further...

Why Buy a Franchise?
Franchising is one of the most effective systems for the distribution of products and services known today.

Franchising combines the entrepreneurial drive and ambition of the small business person with the experience and expertise of a larger company. As a Franchise Owner, you can access years of business experience without first attending the school of "hard knocks".

Research has shown that whilst 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years, this figure drops to less than 25% amongst franchise businesses. Also, research by the British Franchise Association has shown that 95% of franchisees say their businesses are profitable.

In contrast to setting up or buying an independent business, purchasing a franchise is an investment not o nly in your own business, but in the franchising company as well. As the number of franchises grows, your individual business also builds greater equity.

When you purchase a franchise you are joining a team, the members of which have mutual goals. Together we work to build the company's sales image and reduce the common expenses. The result is a partnership which can be very rewarding for both parties.

Ceroc is the largest, the most established and the most professional organisation in the field of modern partner dance.

The Ceroc Product
A Ceroc night offers the opportunity to:

- Learn to dance via beginner and intermediate classes
- Dance "freestyle" in a party atmosphere after the classes
- Socialise and make friends.

You provide the teacher, the venue, the lights, the DJ, the music and action. The Cerocers make the atmosphere!

Ceroc Selling Points
There are a number of key features, unique to the Ceroc product, which make it desirable and easy to promote to customers:

- Ceroc is an enjoyable way of getting and keeping fit, a key modern issue
- Ceroc is educationally valid and runs in parallel with all current dance education and Curriculum specifications
- Ceroc improves dance ability in a variety of areas, from choreography to peformance, from creativity to appraisal, from kinaesiology to social and emotional education
- It is easy and quick to learn and is therefore accessible to anyone, regardless of age, sex or technical ability
- Entry is inexpensive and therefore no barrier to anyone wishing to come
- There is an increasing choice of venues to attend
- There is no need to book onto a course ‚ beginners can just turn up and dance
- There are no special shoes or dress requirements
- It provides an ideal opportunity for people to meet and make friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Ceroc can be danced to any music with a steady beat ‚ fast or slow. It thus appeals to those who enjoy the hits of yesterday as well as those who prefer the latest chart toppers.

The Ceroc Market
Ceroc attracts a wide audience from school children and young adults to couples and OAPs.

As a Franchisor we can offer you:

A Great "Lifestyle" Income
There are plenty of ways to earn money. Some are fun but financially unrewarding. Others pay well but are... well, a bit dull. The great thing about Ceroc is that it is fun, glamorous and financially rewarding. You will be in charge of your own business (nothing like being the boss!) and in the thick of the dance, leisure and fitness industries all rolled into one. As you can imagine, answering the question "and what do you do?" at parties is never a conversation-stopper - quite the reverse in fact!

Experience & Expertise
We have been successfully running Ceroc nights for over 30 years. We know what we're doing and we know what YOU need to do to create a successful and profitable night. All you have to do is follow the recipe.

Your own Exclusive Territories
As a Ceroc Franchisee you will own the exclusive rights to a postcoded area of the UK, which means that no other Ceroc Franchisee may run a night in your area. This ensures that all our Franchisees have a potential customer base which is large enough to support their business. If you wish, you can open several nights within one territory and you can also own the rights to several territories.

Franchise Information Days
Before signing any franchise contract with us, you will attend one of our "Franchise Information Days". The purpose of these days is to ensure that if you join us, you do so "with your eyes open". Our Franchise Information Day provides you with an opportunity to find out more about what we can offer and also to understand the extent and nature of your own responsibilities and commitments. At this stage there is no obligation on either side to proceed further.

Business Training & Advice
Each new Franchisee attends a two-day intensive training course at our office in London. During the course we explain how to set up your business, how to operate it and how to market it. Once launched, new Franchisees are closely monitored and supported. Your Franchise Manager will visit your night and provide help and advice via 1:1 meetings with you and over the telephone. We also provide additional training seminars and "Business Skills Sheets".

Teacher Training & Advice
We provide comprehensive and educationally relevant training for your Ceroc teacher. This may be yourself as a Teacher-Franchisee or someone that you hire.

For information on teacher training and how to become a teacher please click here

National Marketing
Whilst our Franchisees are responsible for marketing the Ceroc business in their local area, we also instigate and manage National public relations and marketing campaigns. The result is extensive on-going coverage in national newspapers, television and magazines.

National Events
We organise both Ceroc dance holidays and the biggest event in the modern jive calendar - The UK Ceroc Dance Championships. To find out more click here

Materials & Tools
We provide all the tools you need to start your business. Everything from our System & Procedures manuals, to branded merchandise, membership forms and welcome packs, press packs and publicity artwork.

Financial matters - Costs
Your initial investment is priced at cost. We do not profit by "signing people up". Instead we work with you to ensure your long-term success.

The figures given below are only designed to give you a rough idea - we will discuss all the financial aspects in more detail with you when you come to one of our Information Days.

To get started you will need around £2,500 to cover:
- Your two-day business training course
- Your System Manuals
- Your Launch Pack (which contains stationery and merchandise etc)
- Insurance cover
- Ceroc Teacher Audition
- A Beginner's Ceroc Teacher Training Course
- In addition, it may be necessary if your venue cannot provide appropriate sound and lighting equipment to purchase your own. - The cost of this can vary but as a guideline the investment required equates to around £2,000. We can advise you on this and source the equipment if you chose.

It is important when considering any business investment to allocate some working capital to run your launch marketing campaign and to pay for any upfront costs such as the venue, personnel etc. We recommend that you have around £2,500 on hand to cover this. As part of the on-going commitment to teacher training, you will need to send your teacher on additional courses to get them up to an advanced level. There are four courses in all, spread across a period of approximately 18 months.

Our franchise fees are fixed and this pays for the overhead costs of running Ceroc, e.g. staff, research and development. In addition to this there is a further contribution towards marketing activities. Don't worry if it sounds complicated, we'll explain everything at the Information Day!

Financial Matters - Resale Values
What happens if you wish to sell your business? Experience has shown that Ceroc franchises can have a healthy resale value. The capital value of Ceroc franchise businesses is increasing all the time as the company grows and the brand is strengthened. Assuming you have operated your business in accordance with our guidelines you should have no problem recouping your initial capital outlay and generating additional value based upon your membership and other assets.

Who buys a Ceroc Franchise?
We attract people from all walks of life and with many different reasons for wanting to set up in business for themselves. Some of our Franchisees operate a Ceroc business alongside another source of income, whilst others run their business full-time - especially when they realise that it can provide them with a fulfilling lifestyle and a rewarding income.

However, all our Franchisees:
Want to run their own business
Are interested in dance, leisure and fitness
Enjoy meeting new people
Are self-motivated and determined
Are prepared to put in time, money and effort in order to succeed.

Previous experience in management, customer service, sales, marketing or dance is a help, but don't worry if you don't have any experience in these areas - we can provide you with the skills you need to succeed. What is essential, however, is commitment, drive, time and enthusiasm.

If this sounds like you, please send us an email requesting more information.

Terms and conditions are available on request, please contact us.

Enquiry: Please use a form in Contact page.