Cerocshops are intensive 2, 3 or 4 hour weekend workshops. They are designed to give you a helping hand when it comes to mastering the moves. With a restricted number of couples per workshop, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the teacher is able to spend time helping you to develop your style and technique.
For workshop availability and details of how to book please visit your local operator's website. Search on our UK or Worldwide pages for your nearest operator.

  • Beginners I & Beginners II
    These workshops are designed for people with very little or no dance experience and gives you a bump start to help you on your way.
    There are 12 beginners moves, which are covered across two beginners Cerocshops. Half of the moves are covered in the Beginners I Cerocshop and half are covered in Beginners II.
    Both of these Cerocshops are aimed at complete beginners, so it does not matter which order you attend them in i.e. you could do the Beginners II before you do the Beginners I. As well as being taught the moves you will also learn about choreography so you can "freestyle" or improvise your way through a dance.
  • Beginners Plus ***
    Beginners Plus is designed to bride the gap betwen the beginners and the Intermediate class. Consolidate the skills and techniques that you have already acquired, and learn more about the style of moves to add more expression and interpretation into your dancing. Explore further the notion of improvisation so you can take more creative control over your freestyle.

  • Intermediate I
    This workshop is designed for those who know the Beginners moves and techniques (and can dance them in time to the music) but would like help with some of the more difficult intermediate moves. Again, a maximum of ten couples enables the teacher to spend more time on individuals and help nurture each individual style.

  • Intermediate II This workshop is designed for those people who have already done the Intermediate Cerocshop Part One and would like to complete another Cerocshop with a new set of moves.

  • *** These workshops are not available in all areas.
    please fill in a "Venue Finder" postal search located on the top right corner of the web page and contact your local operator.

    Ceroc offers a series of medal tests to enable our dancers to receive training, examination and accreditation in different Ceroc disciplines at different levels. Applicants receive preparation training with full exposure to marking schemes and assessment criteria, detailed written feedback about all aspects of their dance practise and those who reach the grade receive a certificate and a lapel pin. Gold level qualifiers receive rewards across their Ceroc education, such as priority booking for training courses and discounted prices for workshops and professional development opportunities.

    To register your interest on our next available course, please visit your local franchise page and click the 'Medal Test' button from the left hand banner menu.
  • These workshops are aimed at focussing in on a very specific aspect of your dance practise.


  • These Style workshops might specialise in:
    - Footwork
    - Dips Leans and Seducers
    - Musical Interpretation
    - Specialist partner dance influence (Blues, Tango, West Coast, Ballroom, Latin, Contact Improv)
    - Specialist solo dance influence (Ballet, Street, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre)
    - Anatomy, Physiology and Kinaesiology
    - Appreciating Dance: professional works and critical appraisal
    - Dance teaching, learning styles and delivery techniques
    - Learn Set works and performance styles
    - Choreography masterclass and dance notation
    These are just some examples of titles that might be available in your area.


    Not all of our UK operators host Specialist workshops but to find out more about workshops available in your area please visit your local operators website.
    Search on our UK or Worldwide pages for your nearest operator.

  • * These workshops are not available in all areas. Check your local operator for availability
  • Private Booking If you are planning a party then look no further because Ceroc offers a private booking service.

    Whether it is a private or corporate event, we are unique in being able to offer:
    - Qualified Ceroc Teachers
    - Demonstrators
    - Taxi Dancers
    - Professional Ceroc Disc Jockeys
    So make your party / event a success with Ceroc!
  • NATIONWIDE: For details of private lessons and functions please fill in a "Venue Finder" postal search located on the top right corner of the web page and contact your local operator.
  • Dance HolidaysFancy a fun & active holiday? If so you've come to the right place! Ceroc Dance Holidays are a fantastic blend of wonderful destinations, amazing sights and exciting dance experiences. This is your chance to go dancing with Ceroc all over the world! Find out more
  • WeekendersCeroc Escape Dance Weekenders.
    Ceroc are hosting a series of dance weekenders with accommodation from as little as £59.
    The weekends will be bursting with workshops, parties, entertainment and of course hours of freestyle.
    So grab your dance shoes and toothbrush and escape for the weekend and join hundreds of other Cerocers who share your passion.
    The classes and workshops range from Modern Jive, Ballroom, Latin America, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Tango, Blues etc and even Pole Dancing for the more adventurous.
    These weekends are suitable for both experienced dancers and complete beginners. Find out more